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Although almost anyone can perform simple manual handling tasks, completing them safely in a professional manner is a very different prospect. All aspects of Specialist Lifting Solutions manual handling operations are assessed and carried out to stringent company regulations. Communication, competence and load assessment all form an important part of safely performing manual lifting tasks.

We can manually handle loads up to 100kg safely and securely.  Please see below for an example of our manual handling experience. 

Specialist Lifting Solutions recently undertook the manual handling of internal glass panels, lifting each panel to different floors at the City Park office block in Manchester. The job was carried out for Bowmer and Kirkland one of the largest privately owned construction and development groups in the UK.

Due to the weight and delicate nature of the glass panels, each individual piece was manually handled by a team of 12 men.  Bowmer and Kirkland were put at ease by Specialist Lifting Solutions health and safety policies, and provided with full method and risk assessments.

Working from plans provided by Bowmer and Kirkland, we manually handled a total of 10 tons of glass panels, spread over 12 floors.  With a total of 25 panels per floor, each weighing approximately 50kgs, the project was spread over 6 weekends so to avoid disruptions to the rest of the project.

 What is manual Handling?

Manual handling is the transportation of a load by hand or by bodily force, including carrying, pushing, pulling, lifting, and putting down.  Research suggests that more than a third of reported injuries involve manual handling, and costs the economy millions every year.

The Legal duties and obligations for manual handling are:

1.    to avoid hazardous Manual Handling Operations as much as possible

2.    to risk assess any hazardous Manual Handling Operation that cannot be avoided

3.    to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible.

Specialist Lifting Solutions  provide risk assessments for each individual job to assess four specific areas; Task, Individual, Load and the Environment.  All employees are involved in the manual handling risk assessment process and make use of all relevant manual handling guidelines.

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Call Now on: 01285 741 150  

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