Statue lifting and removals

Statue & Artwork Lifting
Stone lion statue

Specialist lifting will inventory and verify the integrity and condition of each piece prior to providing our clients with are services, and will consult with the owner regarding any concerns you might have. Statues and artwork require someone who is willing to take their time and think things through. Moving these objects do not allow second chances.  If you have something special that you need moved and do not know who to turn to or trust to move it, hear at Specialist lifting solutions we will cater for all your needs.


It requires knowledge and care.  There is no room for accidents when things start going up.  To make sure your items get to where they need to be in one piece.  You need to know how much the item weighs, how far and how high you want to go with your item.  Specialist lifting solutions has a reputation of handling with care and taking pride in their work. Over the years Specialist lifting solutions built a reputation for being a mover that handled the products it touched with care. Specialist lifting solutions also developed a reputation for finding a way to get the job done, no matter how difficult as safely as possible. 


Having the equipment and know how to move large equipment and not wanting to lose our special touch that Specialist lifting solution had developed. SLS started taking on specialty jobs that people did not want to allow standard movers to handle and/or regular movers refused to handle. These ranged from hot tubs, safes, photocopiers, cash machines and much, much more.  Because a lot of these jobs require special equipment, Specialist lifting solution has started to create a collection of equipment to do these types of jobs.

We will then provide a task specific method statement, lift plan, craneage and operators, lifting equipment and an Appointed Person to assume responsibility for the mandatory on-site requirements.


Specialist Lifting Solutions welcome any questions or queries of any of our services you may require. 


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