Stair-Robot Professional

Stair Robot ® 450 - Professional

The Stair-Robot ® Professional
 is a powerful 
yet easy to handle moving equipment.

The stair- robot professional is equipped with a folding swivel wheel for turning in tight spaces and easy operation.

Goods up to 1880 mm can be handled with ease due to the telescopic structure and an optional remote control can make working with longer items even easier.

So many applications are made easier with the stair robot 450 professional

Stair Robot 450



     * White goods, electrical and gas appliances
     * Copy machines, computers, air conditioners
     * safes, fireproof cabinets
     * drink machines, retail and entertainment cabinets
     * Cabinets and Data Communications Equipment
     * Pallets, boxes and crates
     * Cabinets, furniture
     * Pianos, wings


The driving force is supplied by a low noise 24V permanent magnet motor and is transmitted directly to the drive shaft by a gearbox. The PM-motor provides an effective braking system when the trigger is released or the power supply is interrupted for any reason.



4 batteries are placed in series with a 24 volt output. An integrated LED battery indicator on the display makes it possible to easily monitor the battery level.



The Stair-Robot ® 450 comes with a 220V or 110V / 24 charger (3 AMH)  

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